Petit partage d’une de mes photos instagram pour ce soir, qui peut être permettera le développement du veganisme, ou du moin cela permettra peut être d’en prendre conscience pour quelque personne.



Lots of carnivorous🔪 thinks that vegan🌱 had no tast, but they’re wrong🚫. And that vegan only consists to eat grass🌱, they wrong too⛔️.

✅There are plenty of alternatives that you don’t suspect: chia seeds, rice & coco milk🍼, margarine, dry vegetables, Maple syrup🍯..

Look👀 what I CAN do with just « grass »: cakes🎂, brownies, muffins🍩, ice cream🍦, pizza🍕, swedish cinnamom rolls, pasta🍝, bread, quesadillas, lasagna, burgers🍔 … And the list is endless! 🎈

➡️Other fact: a carnivorous can kill🔪 its prey unarmed🔫 and eat without cooking🔥.

💥You can do it? ok , you are able to eat dead animals💀.

💥You can’t? Stop meat.

More than 140 billion animals are killed in a year, you have their death on your conscience. 💀

#GoVegan #WorldVeganDay #Vegan #veganfoodporn #veganlifestyle #cruetlyfree

Hooo and.. A vegan driving a 4×4 pollutes less than an omnivorous rinding a bicycle #cop21

// ne prend pas la peine de traduire, c’est pas compliqué.

Vous reconnaissez surement les photos utilisé. 😉